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Many readers have asked me why I've bothered to put links about this rather strange sounding subject on my web page.

I discovered Silva Mind Control through some personal self-help study I was doing during some difficult times at IBM. In the late 80's the company had become a sad place to be, with so many people leaving and so many other, very capable people, suddenly afraid for their jobs.

I read - Jose Silva's book , and then we discovered there were Silva Classes being taught right in our area in Atlanta and took the Basic Lecture Series in May of 1990 and the Graduate Seminar in March of 1991.

Since then I've retired from IBM, published several books, worked several years in Australia and New Zealand and generally self-actualized. My health has never been better and our prospects are great. I do my Silva Mental exercises almost daily and credit Silva with making a lot of difficult and wonderful things possible.

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