A Year of Birding Nantucket -- Vol. Two

As Roger Tory Peterson said, "Birds have wings and they use them." And when they do, they often find this special 15 by four-mile drift of sand in the Atlantic.

Whether you start at the beginning and read to the end, or choose to pick the chapter that matches the current date, you'll find birding drama and learn amazing things about your feathered neighbors.

Nantucket's birding stage hosts a continually changing cast of avian characters making love, going to dinner, and sometimes to war. This is the second volume of a series of weekly snapshots originally published in the Nantucket Independent newspaper.

The birds we find on this island may have traveled here literally from the ends of the earth. Perched between continent and ocean we are in a spot that is often the last gasp for wind-borne land birds or the first solid ground for weary ocean travelers.

Here are another fifty stories about these marvelous animals that share an amazing characteristic humans only dream of - they can spread their 'arms' and fly up in the air. If you are not already a birder maybe something you'll read will encourage you to pick up a pair of binoculars and look at one of your feathered neighbors. Observe what it is doing and then ask yourself, "Why is that?" Birds are all around us and if you start watching them your life will become richer indeed.

Each species' story weaves a thread into the changing fabric that cloaks this special 15 by four-mile drift of sand in the Atlantic. Settle down and spend a year with Nantucket's birds and learn more about this unique island.

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