A Year of Birding Nantucket

This book takes you through a year in the life of Nantucket's birds - a series of weekly snapshots originally published in the Nantucket Independent newspaper. As you read through these essays, you are experiencing four seasons of island life, for the birds reflect the essence of these months as much as the harbor ice in the winter and the waves of tourists in the summer. Many of our winter birds spend the summer in the high Arctic. Some of Nantucket's summer birds spend their winters far down in South America. In this way, they emulate the island's human population, coming and going as their constitutions crave or reject our dampness and salt air.

Each species' story weaves a thread into the changing fabric that cloaks this special 15 by four-mile drift of sand in the Atlantic. Settle down and spend a year with Nantucket's birds and learn more about this unique island.

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